Based in Los Angeles, CA, LeakTronics serves their customers around the world with manufacturing, distribution and training.

Swimming Pool Inspector Certification Training includes the most modern and effective methods to identify functional, operational and safety issues in swimming pools, spas and water features. With the complete training package, our Inspectors are equipped with the most innovative and sensitive listening devices in the industry; the Pro Complete Kit from LeakTronics. The intensive training program assures that the Certified Inspector knows how to use the equipment properly and how to inspect every aspect of a pool, it’s resources and it’s environment to see that it meets the standards that ensure a home owner or home buyer that the pool is a safe and valuable investment.

Swimming Pool Inspector Certification courses are taught by veteran leak detection, inspection and pool construction expert Darren Merlob. With more than 30 years of practical experience operating the largest pool remodeling and leak detection companies in Florida, Central Texas and Southern California, Darren brings a wealth of knowledge to trainees and instructs the best ways to perform leak detections and pool inspections, guaranteeing that every aspect of a pools safety and mechanical functionality is addressed.

Certified Inspectors are held to the highest standards of excellence in their field and belong to an elite group of professional inspectors. Our Code of Ethics aims to give customers the satisfaction that comes with being able to trust in the professional that is performing their inspections and leak detections. Our 300 Point Inspection Checklist addresses every part of the pool environment and never relies on a visual inspection only. We teach our trainees to inspect the functionality, connectivity and operation of every piece of equipment, pool shell, detached spa, water feature and connected device to understand how it’s working and what needs attention. Our Certified Inspectors are hands down, given the best education and best equipment to perform their work, in the world.

A Swimming Pool Without A Proper Leak Detection Is Useless

There are other home inspector training courses online, and honestly – they’re a joke. None provide training in proper swimming pool inspections and leak detections. They couldn’t without the LeakTronics equipment, and with your training, you’ll have that! While some home inspection training courses give you basics and tell you a visual inspection is a proper inspection, don’t buy in to it! If you think seeing a previously repaired pool crack means the customer solved a water leak – you’ve been taught wrong. If you haven’t tested the pool for leaks, it isn’t properly inspected. Our training is all inclusive and trains you on how cover everything, including proper leak detections – with the equipment to do them. Become Certified today!

Certified Swimming Pool Inspector Training

Our Swimming Pool Inspection with Leak Detection Training certifies the inspector can and will do more than perform visual inspections and basic inspections. With certification, you’ll be trained to provide the most intensive inspection of a swimming pool and it’s accessories in the world. You’ll learn what to look for, how to report on it, ways to price out repair costs, how to construct your business and how to market to the clients that need you now, and will rely on you in the future.

The Real Estate market is booming, and Certified Professional Swimming Pool Inspectors are in demand. For every property with a swimming pool that goes up for sale, there is a need to have that pool thoroughly inspected for sellers ability to negotiate, agents ability to guarantee a smooth transaction and for those who pay the home insurance bill to know if potential price hikes are in their future. The opportunities for certified swimming pool inspectors are virtually endless.

Starting a new business enterprise or adding swimming pool inspections with leak detections to your service list, there is no better option than to train with LeakTronics.

  • You’ll get a first hand view of how all the equipment works.
  • Every device you’ll need is included and warranted for two years with your complete training package.
  • You’ll receive downloadable paperwork to streamline your business.
  • The entire process is detailed in the Inspection Checklist you receive with training.
  • Got questions? We’re just a call away to walk you through any leak detection or inspection issue.
  • You’ll be part of an elite group of Certified Professionals that we stand behind and promote to inquiring customers.
  • Access to your training is a “forever access.” Need a refresher, just log in and your training is there..
  • Need assistance in discovering how to market and get clientele. Our marketing manager is at your disposal to help.

About the Online Training Course

With the benefit of online training, you have access to every aspect of what in-person training would provide with the added benefit of having zero travel and lodging expenses, and the ability to train on your own time and at your own residence. We all work, and that’s usually the biggest part of our day. Take your certification training when you have the time – nights or weekends – whatever works for you. There are no time limitations, your access to the online platform is always there for you. Choose your device and log in to access the entire training platform 24/7.

It’s advised to review all the materials in the training program, because Certification requires passing the tests in each module. As you learn and understand everything that’s taught to you, you’ll find the tests to be a breeze. The information is practical and fully explained.

Have you worked on pools before? The information will be an easy in depth explanation of things you’re familiar with. If this is your first foray in to the industry, but you want to build the go-to service in your area for swimming pool inspections and leak detections – have no fears. Each module includes a first hand view of every detail in the 300 Point Inspection Checklist and the equipment you receive with training. We explain how things work and what to verify to see that they are working properly, how to find leaks and how to  back up your findings. You’ll pick it up easily and find that applying it to your first inspection is a breeze with your Inspection Checklist. By the time you meet your second pool, you’ll be a pro.